We rescue Cane Corso from all over the country to save them from bad situations and from euthanasia. We do this soley for our love of the breed and their betterment. We consider ourselves an out of pocket rescue. Meaning that everything we do for them is out of pockets from transporting, vetting , feeding ,toys, ect. We are NOT a 501c3 .We do occasionally get gifts for our rescues which we are very thankful for. We do all our rescues and transporting out of pocket. All of our rescues are assessed,  vetted , spayed/neutered , trained,  and socialized. We have them until they are ready for their forever homes. Depending on the particular dog depends on how long they are here with us. If a corso we rescue is not adoptable then that said corso will live it's life out here with us loved and as part if our family , until the day they go to the rainbow bridge . We are also available to foster any Cane Corso and are also available to pull any corso for Rescues that are 501c3.
Exodus is a 3yr old male. He is a FOSTER here with us for a few months to work on his training and leash manners. Exodus also has really bad resource guarding when it comes to his crate and food bowl . We will work him through these issues as well.
Sophie is a 5 yr old spayed female.She is a RESCUE.We transported her form Indianapolis to save her from going to the shelter
Magnus is a 5yrs old neutered male .He is a RESCUE .Pulled from our local A/C for a 501c3 in MN.Saved him twice from euthanasia and he was not adoptable so we adopted him and he came back here to SC to live his days out with us
Created by Victoria Cox