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Beautiful Life Cane Corso

(803) 504-2136

___DAM___  X ___SIRE___

DOB: ___DateDOB___

Litter# __LitterNumber__

Beautiful Life Cane Corso does hereby sell an Italian Mastiff / Cane Corso

This___PuppySex___ puppy is ___color___   in color and is further identified by their microchip number . Microchip# ___NumberMicrochip___

Above mentioned puppy is being sold to ___NameAdopter___   on this date  Date
Adopted Family (Buyer) agrees to have puppy examined by their vet (___NameVet___) within 72hours of pick up.Breeder has kept puppy up to date on all vaccines and wormer while the puppy was in Breeders care.Breeder agrees to supply Adopted Family with all vet records for above mentioned Cane Corso.Breeder agrees to supply Adopted Family with all information on  registrations.Cane Corso is registered with the ___BreedRegistry___. Breeder agrees to give Adopted Family lifetime breeder support as well as a 3 year health guarantee against genetic problems for this Cane Corso. Breeder asdlso agrees to give Adoptive family a 5 year genetic epilepsy free guarantee. Breeder has tails docked and dewclaws removed by the vet before 5days of age.Breeder has raised all puppies in their home and around children since birth. Breeder has started socializing all puppies before they are adopted. If there are ever any issues with your Beautiful Life Cane Corso dog the breeder should be notified immediately.

Breed/Show quality puppies do NOT have to be shown or bred. This is the Adopted Families decision. However breeding rights are ONLY given on a case by case basis.Breeding rights are only given once the Cane Corso reaches maturity (24 months) , passes all health screens , and is a good example of the breed.

Beautiful Life Cane Corso guarantee's this puppy to be free of genetic abnormalities for 36 months.This does not include abnormalities prone to the breed ( i.e. Cherry eye. or teeth Abnormalities like these do not affect the general health of the dog) If a genetic abnormality was to occur before 36 months of age, the said puppy will be replaced with another puppy from next available litter. Genetic diagnosis will need to come from two different Veterinarians “yours and mine" and by OFA or Penn Hip. No monies will be given back to adopted families for any reason.Never would anyone here with Beautiful Life Cane Corso ask you to send back your beloved puppy because of health issues. We do ask that you have the puppy spayed/neutered before placement puppy is picked. Proof of surgery will need to be provided and all registration papers for that Cane Corso  will need to be sent to the Breeder before moving forward with replacement puppy.If puppy is abused in any way (including, but not limited to, neglect , being kept on a chain or living it's life in a kennel ) Beautiful Life Cane Corso has right to reclaim the dog at any time, with no compensation made.

Adopted family agrees NOT to breed any Beautiful Life Cane Corso before 24 months of age and NOT breed before it's hips are certified. Adopted Family agrees to NOT breed any Beautiful Life Cane Corso without prior  approval by Breeder.Breeding apporval is given in the form of approval contract, text, or email. If females are bred before hips are certified, guarantee/contract is void an contract is in breach. If males are used for stud/breeding before hips are certified guarantee/contract is void and contract is in breach. No cross breeding or breeding poor quality corso with any pup/dog from Beautiful Life Cane Corso . Any dog bred to a Beautiful Life Cane Corso must have its certifications and DNA profile completed before mating. Not all dogs will meet breed standard quality to breed them, those dogs should be spayed or neutered to preserve the breed once they are 24 months old. Dogs that don't receive  breeding rights/Companion dogs are not to be bred and should be spayed or neutered when they are 24 months old. Beautiful Life Cane Corso will be happy to assist you in finding a proper mate for your dog. Consult with the Breeder for approval before mating your breeding approved Beautiful Life Cane Corso to a prospective mate.

All dogs are to be kept current on all shots and health exams. Dogs are to receive medical attention when needed. All dogs are to be fed daily and always have fresh water.All food an water bowls are to be cleaned daily. All dogs are to have shelter from the rain, snow and sun.

This dog is NOT to be used for fighting, illegal activities or left alone to guard commercial property. This dog is NOT to live out its life on a chain or in a 10x10 kennel. I stand firm on this!!!

Beautiful Life Cane Corso is not responsible for any money lost or spent on adopted puppy. Under no circumstance do we grant cash refund or except any liability for medical expense, veterinary fees or any other expense related to the care of your Beautiful Life Cane Corso puppy. Adopted family agrees to continue socialization of puppy throughout its life. Adopted family agrees to obedience train puppy by 20 weeks of age and to continue training afterwards.Adopted family agrees to NOT place their corso in a board an train program without speaking to the Breeder first as alot of those programs mistreat the dogs.

Adopted family agrees to allow breeder to use all pictures that are sent to breeder on their website or in magazines to help promote Beautiful Life Cane Corso.Adopted family agrees to use breeders Kennel name in the name of above mentioned  dog Example: Beautiful Life's Al-Pacino , on any/all registration papers, show/event entries and advertisements. If puppy is shown, adopted family agrees to provide breeder with at least one show photo of dog an agrees that the Breeder has the right to use any photographs and accomplishments for advertising. If puppy is used in magazines or publications adopted family agrees to send the breeder a copy and breeder has the right to use for advertising purposes.

It is the mutual understanding of both the Adopted family and the breeder that this Cane Corso shall live out its natural life as a companion to this Adopted family that has signed this contract. This puppy can not be sold or given away. If for any reason this puppy is no longer wanted by Adopted family, it has a home here with Beautiful Life Cane Corso. Adopted family agrees to ship puppy back to Beautiful Life Cane Corso and pay expenses for shipping.Adopted family agrees to pay shipping expenses for any replacement puppy associated with health guarantee or puppy exchange. If for any reason the adopted family is not pleased with their puppy at any time at any age we/Beautiful Life Cane Corso will gladly take the dog back.Adopted family agrees not to post negative comments about their puppy without first giving us , Beautiful Life Cane Corso a chance to make the situation right if an issue arises.This Cane Corso is NEVER to be placed in a shelter, rescue, or any "unwanted animal" organization. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!Adopted Family agrees to pay a fine of $3500 and return the dog to Beautiful Life Cane Corso if puppy is sold, given away or placed in a shelter, rescue or any unwanted animal organization.

Both parties agree to let each other know of any changes in address, telephone number or email address changes. Adopted family agrees to give Veterinarian information to Breeder and if Adoptive family changes Veterinarians they agree to notify Breeder of new Veterinarian information.The Adopted family has read and agrees with all that is stated .The terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement shall include the full and entire understanding between both Adopted family and the Breeder. There is a fee of $3500 for breach of contract.Breach of contract can also result in Beautiful Life Cane Corso reclaiming said dog which is determined on a case by case basis.The parties agree there are no other terms agreements or warranties made or expressed except as may be set forth within this Agreement. In other words “We have no other guarantee other than those stated on this document. By signing this buyer and seller agree to hold to their part of the agreement.” This contract is formed and shall be governed by the laws of the State of South Carolina, and jurisdiction to resolve disputes rest solely in a court of competent jurisdiction in South Carolina. Any portion of this contract deemed illegal or unconstitutional under South Carolina law will not void any other lawful portion, of this contract according to South Carolina law. This contract is formed with the sole intent of protecting this Cane Corso and for the good of the Cane Corso breed; where possible all interpretations should be made with this in mind.

     ☆☆☆Beautiful Life Cane Corso ☆☆☆

Breeder: Victoria Cox

__________________________ York , SC 29745

Phone# (803)504-2136

Email: bellavitacanecorso@gmail.com

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            ☆☆☆Adopted Family☆☆☆

Adopter: NameAdopter

Adopter Address

Phone# PhoneAdopter

Email: EmailAdopter

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Vet: NameVet


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